Protecting your critical technology and equipment.

As companies continue to rely more and more on technology and information to do business, they need to take extra measures to protect themselves. Our ability to write specialized inland policies for virtually any type of information and technology will allow you to protect your company from damage to or loss of your business-critical equipment.

Coverage Limits

  • Up to $25,000,000 capacity

Coverages (including but not limited to):

Cable, Television, Radio & TV Towers

This specialized protection for broadcasters and cable companies covers cable, radio and television towers as well as other broadcasting equipment.

Electronic Equipment

Specialized insurance for virtually any type of equipment that uses microprocessors and semiconductors.

Medical Imaging Equipment

This coverage protects owners and operators of medical imaging equipment such as CT, MRI and ultrasound machines that are housed in hospitals, clinics and other medical establishments.

Telecommunications Equipment

Protection for all your communication devices and systems such as telephones, computers, video conferencing equipment, audio and visual equipment, and teleconferencing equipment.

Scientific Instruments

Custom-designed policies to cover virtually any type of scientific or technical equipment.




Inland Marine


Ocean Cargo


Excess Liability