About Continental

about-usContinental Underwriters, Ltd. is a national, multiline broker for all types of marine coverages.

We offer both admitted and non-admitted products in all 50 states.

We put together flexible, competitively priced insurance options with broad terms and conditions for even the most unusual, complex, and hard-to-place risks.  Our 43 years of success ensures that insured’s receive extensive access, tailor-made coverage, and a high level of expertise directly from experienced brokers and underwriters.

Company Background

Continental was formed in 1970 as a broker focusing on Marine Insurance products.  Today, we offer admitted and non-admitted products for multiple lines including but not limited to, Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Builder’s Risk, Cargo, Charterer’s Liability, Excess Liability, General Liability, Pollution, Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability, Stevedore’s Legal Liability, Tankerman’s Legal Liability, Terminal Operator’s Liability, and Wharfinger’s Liability.

Continental is part of the FGH family of companies.

Why Continental?

  • Insurance Marketing Expertise: Continental’s market relationships help clients gain more value for their insurance dollar, paying for coverage which is customized to fit their particular needs.
  • Reputation: With over 40 years of active marine insurance experience, Continental’s specialists have developed an excellent reputation that is unparalleled within the marine insurance industry.
  • Service: Continental works extremely close with its clients which allows us to respond quickly, professionally and precisely in any time of need.
  • Knowledge: Perhaps more than any other insurance market, marine and energy coverage requires far-reaching knowledge and attention to every detail.  The proper emphasis and attention can sometimes successfully resolve claims that would otherwise drag on through years of expense and litigation.